terça-feira, 19 de abril de 2011

Anthem of a Dying Heart

We were together in the park
You’ve been sitting next to me
Everywhere was totally dark
Behind our back was a huge tree

The moment was perfect
But I did not expect
To be reject

I gonna pick my heart of the ground
I gonna put it in the place
I have thought I found the one
But she just turned around her face, away for me
That’s how it seems

So yeah
I did another mistake
Because I thought she would say yes
But she said no
It hurts me more and more

But hey
Please don’t send me away
Because I’m only one who loves
The way you are
And wants become one of your parts
É uma musica sentida, lembrei me duma história que se passou a muito tempo atrás, então decidi fazer uma musica sobre isso. Más memorias mas boa experiência, afinal se perderes alguma coisa é normal ganhar outra, como dois lados do mesmo espelho.

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