terça-feira, 19 de abril de 2011

New Beginning

New day is starting
And I am alone
Nothing has changed
I am on my own

Life is a shadow
Of things that I've done
Shadows are empty
But life is going on

This is only a picture I've painted
An illusion that I have created
I am sure that someone gets thru
And this someone is going to be you

I believe that you will same me
From this place you going to take me
When you arrive
Nothing never be the same

You will never
I will never
No one never
Be the same as before
Before the crash of the world
Of my world

All of this is just a beginning
Everything has its meaning
If I open my eyes
Nothing is gonna be the same
Nothing never be the same
Uma das musicas que me fez soar, demorei muito tempo a escrever isso, estava completamente sem ideias e só tinha escrito 3 primeiros versos.

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