terça-feira, 19 de abril de 2011

Release your dreams

The days are running like insane
With a wind of time shaking my hair
So many people try to catch the train
But this train is leading everyone no where

Why do I have to do the same as them?
Why do I need to be like them?
I want to break through this wall
I want to travel far

Far away from here
Is it just a dream?

No way, no way
I don’t care for what they say
It is up to me to find a lock
To open with my key

A key of dream
A key of life
Something everyone around

Have inside
Deep within
Hidden from the light

So try to open up your heart
And release all dreams at once
Try to play forbidden chord
That makes everybody dance

Try to take a chance right here right now
Do everything you’ve ever want
Never go out of the chosen path
Never lose control and make it right
O titulo da musica diz tudo.

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