terça-feira, 19 de abril de 2011

Man Behind The World

Look at the world
What's happened to it?
No one knows it
Not even I do

And now look at me
I am one of you
But I'm so different
Why is it so?

Because I'm the man behind the world
Giving my love to everyone
So I am the man behind the world
No one knows me, I am behind

This day will end
Tomorrow starts new
Every day is
Like a new start

Live it like last
Day in the world
Do it like I do
Never look to past

Tell me why I am behind the world
Flying like a bird, doing what I want
Yes I am the man behind the world
Trust me you have found peace in your heart

Together we can save this world
United we can do it better
And when the rebuild is done
There won't be no need in me... cause

Everyone will be behind our world
Transforming all in a magic kingdom
Everyone will be behind whole world
And whole world will thank us forever
É uma coisa que fiz numa das aulas em que estava a apanhar seca.
O nome para o blog vem desta musica, apesar não ser grande coisa o que se pretendia era transmitir uma ideia. Penso que resultou.

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